Projects I've worked on in my free time. Learn more here.



I built a simple spreadsheet to help friends track store preorders and product availability for the One Piece Trading Card Game. After some feedback, I realized the market needed a better trading card marketplace.

Sergio's Collection

1999-2003, 2020 - Present

One day, I was cleaning and found my Pokémon collection from when I was a kid. I looked at prices and decided it was time to sell some of the collection. I turned it into a business and got back into collecting. Now, I collect, buy, and sell cards through eBay, TCGPlayer, and Instagram. Website.


April 2020 - June 2022

SalesPlan started as a consulting service. I offered sales coaching & fractional sales support for early-stage founders. During the first two years, I had the privilege of helping 100+ founders and SMBs grow their businesses.


May 2020

Guage was a weekend hackathon project I did with a friend. We built Gauge, a simple tool that helps you document, track, and make better decisions.


Feb 2017 - March 2018

Tagd was a pet care marketplace that connected local pet owners with local pet care service providers. However, we lacked founder market fit (i.e., we weren't passionate about the idea) and shut it down.

When To Buy

Jan 2017 - Feb 2017

My first attempt at building a website. WhenToBuy was a simple website that let people know the best time to buy any item. I built this site while searching for the best time to buy furniture and a few electronics. I figured that something like this already existed, but I couldn't find a simple and aggregated site. So, I built one.

The site contained articles on when to buy a particular item and links to discounts where appropriate. It also had a calendar with items sorted by the best month to buy for quick visibility.

Might bring this back one day!