2021 Year in Review
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2021 Year in Review

As I get back into writing consistently, I wanted to start with a recap of 2021. I plan to do these at the end of each year. A little late on this one due to Covid & work travel. These reviews will cover everything outside of my day job.

Shoutout to Justin Jackson for the inspiration.

What happened in 2021

Sergio’s Collection

567% YoY revenue growth.

In 2021, I automated away a lot of busy work for this business. I probably spent <5 hours per week and didn't take any profits off the table. Everything was reinvested to build inventory and complete collection goals.


40x YoY revenue decline. 😅

I didn’t take on any project work. I helped a friend with his sales strategy and charged a small fee, but other than that I avoided consulting work. I had enough on my plate to keep me busy.

Angel Investments

8 investments

Compared to 10 in 2020. Average check size increased by 2x in 2021.

Started something new


Due to regulations around this, I can’t personally talk about it. But I’m excited to get this going in 2022.


Republic Venture Partner. Since some of my investments were made on Republic, it made sense for me to look into their venture partner program.

Notley Fellows. Graduated from the fellowship and now sit on the advisory council.

Mentorship. Dialed back my mentorship and founder advising. I probably spent 5-10 hours per month in 2021 vs 20+ hours per month in 2020.

House Sale. Sold my house in March 2021. I bought it back in 2016 and had been using it as a rental since 2017. Honestly, I have no interest in managing rental properties.

Dream Come True Foundation. Joined my first non-profit Board. I found them through The New Philanthropist. Highly recommend them if you're interested in joining a non-profit board.

Plans for 2022

Spend more time in prayer and devotion. As you can see above, life can be pretty hectic at times, but God comes 1st in my life.

I won’t start any new businesses. I want to focus on growing my existing businesses instead of starting something new.

Grow Sergio’s Collection. I don’t expect insane growth like in 2021 but I’d like to see consistent growth each month.

0 client work. SalesPlan won’t take on any clients in 2022. Or at least I don’t plan on pitching my services to anyone.

Sleep more. 😴 I track my average hours of sleep and it’s been terrible the past few years + I don't drink coffee... I set a goal to average at least an hour more sleep per night than in 2021.

Continue investing. Grow retirement fund - 401k & IRA + invest in a few more startups this year. I want to become a better investor in the public markets.

Boxing. I started boxing in 2020 and never looked back. I want to continue to get better in the ring.

Running. I was training for a few races in 2021 but an injury took me out for a while. The goal is to get back to running consistently.

Mentoring. I cut back my mentoring/advising a lot in 2021 and may do so again this year. I’ll focus my mentorship efforts through my investments + board role at the Dream Come True Foundation.

Become a better writer. Stay tuned.

Wishing you nothing but the best in 2022