2022 Year in Review
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2022 Year in Review

I started writing a year-in-review last year and wanted to keep the tradition going. These reviews focus mainly on documenting business/investing highlights with a few personal updates where appropriate

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Year in review


Building a startup

At the end of 2022, I left my last startup to start a company. More to come. If you’d like to know more feel free to reach out. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Sergio’s Collection

139% YoY revenue growth.

Because of the work that I did in 2021, the amount of effort spent here continues to trend downwards. I received a distributor license which accounted for the bulk of the revenue increase. I’m still not taking any profits as I’m reinvesting the profits to build inventory and complete collection goals.

Angel Investments

7 investments

Last year, I made 7 investments compared to 8 in 2021. My average check size nearly tripled.


Mentorship. Due to the increased layoffs in 2022, I increased my time spent mentoring/advising. I launched unemployment HQ to help people navigate unemployment but most of the people I advised didn’t need help with unemployment benefits. They needed career support and advice so this was quickly rolled into my advising/mentoring instead of a standalone site.

Dream Come True Foundation. 2nd year on the board. Having fun helping Dream Achievers achieve their career dreams. Check out some of the stories on the site.

New City. In December I moved from Austin to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Travel. Finally signed up for TSA pre-check... Trips across the US included Atlanta, Orlando, Vegas, and San Francisco. Also ended the year on a cruise to Cozumel & Progreso.

2022 Plans - Lookback

Checking in on how I did in 2022

Tried to start a fund for collectibles called Nostalgic VC

This was started in 2021. The fund size vs the return potential and level of investor relations didn’t make sense. So I decided to focus on investing my own money into collectibles. Shoutout to all the investors who showed interest in the fund!

Grow my faith ✅

Started a bible study with friends last January and it’s still going strong. Continued to set aside time daily for prayer, fasting, and reading my bible.

Don’t start a new business ❌

Almost made it all year… Launched an unemployment resource in Q4 and then started my current venture in late December.

Grow Sergio’s Collection ✅

More than doubled revenue. Probably won’t see growth this year as it’s on autopilot now while I’m building the new startup

0 client work ✅
Let's keep it that way going forward.

Sleep more ✅

Barely made it. For the year, I slept an average of 1 hour & 1 minute more than in 2020. Still not enough sleep…

Read more ❌

Read more than in 2021 but nowhere close to 1-2 per month

Continue investing & learning ✅

Public markets weren’t ideal but kept investing. Private investments are all still alive and doing well.


Boxing - I sparred probably 50 times in 2022. Getting hit isn’t fun but I’m a much better fighter than when I started the year.

Running - Meh. There were a few stints during the year where I had an injury that kept me from running like I wanted to.

Plans for 2023

Keeping this list short since I’ll be heads down building the startup

Continue to grow my faith. It’s a never-ending battle.

Build and grow this startup. 100% focused on the startup

Sleep more. Average 1 hour of more sleep per night than in 2022.

0 Investments. Pausing investing for the next few years.  Public & private.

Boxing. I've yet to find a new gym in DFW. Avg 2 days per week in the ring.

Running. Run at least one race.

Meal prep. Meal prep at least twice per month.

Until next time.