Introducing UnemploymentHQ
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Introducing UnemploymentHQ

Introducing Unemployment HQ. A resources hub to help you navigate unemployment. The initial hub is focused on helping you navigate unemployment benefits with many more hubs to come.


I told myself I wouldn't start something new in 2022 but couldn't help myself. 😅

I've spent a lot of time over the past few years helping friends and colleagues during one of the most challenging times in their careers. Navigating unemployment & finding a new job. I've helped over 60 people over the last 4 years so it was about time to write down a process and what I’ve learned.

My goal with UnemploymentHQ is to help those who find themselves navigating unemployment.

I'm launching a simple V1 that initially focuses on navigating unemployment benefits. Hoping to add many more resources over the coming months.

You can also check us out on Product Hunt here.

Feedback is welcomed!